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Over at least the last 75 years, Christians have been gathered together by the Holy Spirit in Ferndale, Michigan, USA. They have been fortunate to be able to meet in the Ferndale Gospel Hall, having first been gathered in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, since 1925. Today there are still, by the grace of God, believers in Ferndale seeking to gather according to the scriptural pattern for a New Testament church . We still meet in the same building located at 1720 Kenton Rd. We gather together each week to carry out the various scriptural functions of a local church: the Lord's Supper/Breaking of Bread, prayer, ministry of the Word of God and the preaching of the Gospel. 

If you're searching for God or you often wonder about the purpose of your life, join us on any given Sunday and hear the clear message of good news, forgiveness and peace with God. You can be ready to meet God, for we shall all do so, with no fear but rather with joy, peace and hope that springs eternal.

Order of Meetings


The Lord's Supper                 10:00am
 Sunday School  &
 Adult Bible Class       
 Gospel Meeting           11:45am


Prayer & Bible Study                     7:30pm

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Phone: (248) 548-2338


Ferndale Gospel Hall
1720 Kenton Rd.
Ferndale, Michigan


Mr. Douglas Metcalf

Mr. Geraldo Soria

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